Quad Screen Splitter Kit


Kit Includes:

  • (Qty 1) Quad Processor
  • (Qty 1) Quad Power Harness (DMAC-QPH)
  • (Qty 1) Quad Video Input harness (DMAC-QWH)
  • (Qty 1) Remote Location Control Box (DMAC-Q-RCB)
  • (Qty 1) AC Power Adaptor (DMAC-PA)
  • (Qty 1) 12v Cigarette Lighter Power Adaptor (DMAC-12v)
  • Description

    DM Quad enables the viewing of four (4) cameras at once. Can be used with AgCam, EnduraCam and other 3rd party monitors such as AgLeader, John Deere, and Trimble (w/ adaptors)

    Additional information

    Weight 2.75 lbs


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