Farm Scout Pro


Farm Scout Pro System Includes:

  • Our Pledge: It's your information. Not ours. We won't share it. Only you can.
  • Farm Scout Pro Web Headquarters
  • 1 Farm Scout Pro Mobile Device Activation
  • Software Updates
  • Unlimited Customer Service
  • 90 Day Money Back Guarantee
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Farm Scout Pro is the most advanced scouting app on the market today. Farm Scout Pro brings you two ways to scout:

Crop Scout:

  • Use Farm Scout Pro to record insects, diseases and weeds among your crop.
  • Create field boundaries using GPS.
  • Get turn-by-turn directions to drawn fields.
  • Diagnose field issues by tissue & soil sampling. Send to the lab of your choice for analysis.
  • Take geo-referenced notes and pics if you would like add additional information to your scouted object.

Field Scout:

  • Easily geo-locate, mark, and count rocks, down limbs, gullies, wildlife, property boundaries, down fence posts, or anything worth noting in your field.
  • Take georeferenced notes and pics with each marked point if you would like to add additional information to your scouted object.