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Soil Test Pro Includes:

  • Our Pledge: It’s your information. Not ours. We won’t share it. Only you can.
  • Soil Test Pro Web Headquarters
  • Soil Test Pro Mobile App
  • Software Updates
  • Unlimited Customer Service
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    Soil Test Pro is the farmer preferred app for precision soil sampling. Sample your fields, receive lab analysis and make smart nutrient and fertilizer decisions for your farm.

    How It Works:
    Soil Test Pro is a two part system – the Web Headquarters for your computer AND the Soil Test Pro Mobile App for your tablet or smartphone. These two pieces SYNC together so you have access to your information anytime, anywhere.

    Get Started by creating a free Soil Test Pro account from your computer or mobile device. Then, order supplies, setup your farms/fields and set your grids. Sample your fields and ship your soil to one of the 20+ labs that we work with across the country. Receive lab results fast, 3-5 days. Then you can build your own fertilizer recommendations, prescriptions & controller files. Our Soil Test Pro experts are always available to lend a hand.

    Included with Every Job:

  • Lab Analysis Maps
  • Soil Nutrient Maps
  • Soil Type Maps
  • Unlimited Variable Rate Prescriptions & Controller Files
  • Call our Precision Ag Specialists – anytime you need help